Kreashenz's NEW products from Yarok Hair and Lush Cosmetics!!!

In Wednesday’s blog we talked about what it means for a beauty product to be considered ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ‘cruelty-free’, and ‘vegan’. We also mentioned some NEW products Kreashenz just ordered that are not only good for you, but also good for the earth! We are SO excited to share these products with you so you can love them as much as we do!


What makes Yarok rock:

Every single Yarok product is made from organic and all-natural botanicals. Yarok’s entire haircare line is 100% vegan (which also means 100% cruelty-free!), and free of alcohol, paraben, and sulfates.

Yarok also lists all the ingredients on the label so you know exactly what your putting in your hair and on your scalp. Yarok is committed to minimizing their carbon footprint which is why they use the most environmentally-friendly material for their labels!

As if all of that isn’t enough, Yarok’s dedication to giving back can be seen annually when they give 3% of their profits to The Pachamama Alliance, a non-profit organization that protects over 10 million acres of the Amazon rainforest!


A Sneak Peak at some of our new Yarok products:

1. Feed Your Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re like me, you are always looking for ways to add a little “oomph” to your hair. I am constantly searching for new products to give my hair that added volume. Yarok’s Feed Your Volume naturally foaming shampoo is the go-to product to get that much-desired volume that will satisfy your desire for big, beautiful hair.

2. Feed Your Sunshine Hair Serum

Feed Your Sunshine is a must-have during the fast-approaching summer months! We all love playing in the waves under the sun but hate the harming effects it has on our hair. This before swimming/after sun hair treatment protects your hair and scalp from severe sun exposure and chemicals found in pools! This serum will keep your hair hydrated and healthy so you can enjoy your summer without worrying about the little things.

3. Feed Your Style Dry Shampoo/Styling Powder

This dry shampoo is perfect for between wash spruce ups while also providing your hair with tons of vitamins and minerals!

4. Feed Your Youth Anti-Aging Serum

Everyone wants to keep their hair looking and feeling young and vibrant. Feed Your Youth, Yarok’s anti-aging serum, is packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to keep hair of all types youthful!



Why we love Lush:

All of Lush’s ingredients are 100% vegetarian with over 80% of the products completely vegan! Their products are handcrafted from fresh ingredients every single day and they have been fighting against animal testing for over 30 years (score 1 for cruelty-free!!)

Lush greatly cares about providing their customers with the freshest ingredients including fresh fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Lush’s Ethical Buying team searches for local sources within our own communities to provide their customers with fresh products close to home. With all the love and care put into every product, it’s no wonder we love Lush!

Not only do they care for their customers, they also care for the earth! Lush is leading the way in innovative solid products, eliminating the need for most packaging – hence their pride in being “naked”. Lush wants to increase awareness of unnecessary waste and hopes to encourage other retailers to do the same!


A Sneak Peak at some of our new Lush products:

1. Dry Shampoo Bars

These unique dry shampoo bars are filled with essential oils and fresh ingredients. We love these long-lasting shampoo bars (up to 80 washes!!!) so much that we ordered one in every scent!

2. Shampoos and Conditioners

BIG, Daddy-o, Cynthia Sylvia Stout, Jersey Bounce… these are just a few of the creative names Lush has come up with for their shampoos! Of course, it isn’t just the names we love, it’s what these shampoos do! While Daddy-O covers up those stubborn grays, Jersey Bounce gives hair that much-desired volume!

3. Roots Hair Treatment

If you suffer from fine, thin hair like I do, you will LOVE Lush’s Roots Hair Treatment! You will never have to suffer from dull, thin hair again. By treating your hair with Roots, your hair will always be shiny and voluminous.

4. Styling Sea Spray

Sea Spray Hair Mist gives hair that volumizing, shiny beach-look with a simple spritz!