Everyone loves summer, but HATES what humidty does to their hair! Avoid frizzy, unruly hair all summer long with a Brazilian Blowout!

Brazilian Blowout

With the humid, summer months quickly approaching, so is the season for frizzy, unruly hair. The Brazilian Blowout is one of the most popular treatments to avoid the frizz from hot, humid days and reduce the amount of heat-damage to the hair. Most of us know what the Brazilian Blowout is intended to do – reduce frizz and create smooth, glossy hair – but it actually does much, much more! We wanted to give you the answers to some of our most FAQs about the Brazilian Blowout so you can make the best decision for your hair.

Frequently asked questions about the

Brazilian Blowout

What does a Brazilian Blowout actually do?

  1. Hydrates the hair
  2. Reduces frizz
  3. Makes hair much more resilient to heat styling
  4. Gives hair a smooth, glossy, mirror-like shine with little to no effort
  5. Removes the need for product when blow-drying hair
  6. Cuts time spent getting ready in the morning in half!

According to Everything You Need to Know about Brazilian Blowouts, an article by InStyle.com, “The Brazilian Blowout is a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair to create a protective layer around each strand, effectively diminishing frizz, sealing the cuticle, and providing armor against any external damage. The smoothing treatment originated in Brazil, and uses ingredients indegenous to the country including camu camu, annatto seed, and açai berry. After getting the treatment, your hair will be left hydrated, less frizzy, and more resilient to heat styling—not to mention, with an insanely glossy mirror-like shine” (Mychakiw).

What type of care is necessary after getting a Brazilian Blowout?

  1. Shampooing with sulfate-free shampoo (usually will be offered for extra at the salon)
  2. Making sure not to jump directly into a salt water pool or the ocean without first rinsing your hair with clean water. Otherwise your hair will soak up all of the salt, stripping your hair of the product, and reducing the results of the Brazilian Blowout.

How long does a Brazilian Blowout last?

The Brazilian Blowout will last up to three or four months with proper care!

I heard they use formaldehyde in a Brazilian Blowout, is that true?

Brazilian Blowouts used to use formaldehyde, causing the client and stylist to have to wear masks. This is no longer the case. A Brazilian Blowout is completely safe and will not harm your hair or skin in any way.

What is the process when getting a Brazilian blowout? Is there any down-time?

The process consists of getting your hair washed, then having your stylist spray product in the hair, blow-drying and straightening it with the product still in it. Then having your hair washed again with a conditioning mask, and blow-dried once again (possibly straightened again as well). Once the process is complete (usually a process taking about 1.5-2 hours depending on the amount of hair one has) it can be washed and styled immediately after… there is no down-time!

Still have questions? Please contact us and we will be glad to answer!

One of our clients recently got her first Brazilian Blowout! She isn’t our “typical” candidate, as her hair isn’t overly-curly or frizzy, but she is proof that the Brazilian blowout is for everyone! Most of us have seen images of dramatic changes of someone who has curly, frizzy hair like the images above, but we haven’t really seen what it does to someone who doesn’t have extremely troublesome hair. Our client has very thin, very fine, straight hair that is easily burned by her flat iron (and even her blow-dryer!) and frizzes in the summer heat. She came in hoping to find a healthier alternative to straightening and wanted more protection for her hair.

The images below show her hair after the brazilian blowout with just being blowdried! Her hair has no product in it and wasn't even flat ironed!

Before                                                                                                                                         After                                                                        Hair by noelle snoots

Before                                                                                                                                         After                                                                        Hair by noelle snoots

After a week of having the Brazilian Blowout our client told us, “Before I got the Brazilian Blowout I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew I wanted something that prevented my hair from burning every time I tried to straighten it. I knew it couldn’t be healthy to burn my hair so much. Now, I literally just blow dry my hair in the morning. I don’t have to straighten it or use a single product! I can be outside for hours in the heat and humidity and my hair is just as straight and silky, smooth as when I walked outside! I love how easy it is to manage and not having to worry about the health of my hair.”