4 Easy Steps to Protecting Your Hair Color this Summer

Swimming, Tanning, and Sunshine... 3 of the best things about summer are 3 of the worst things for your hair especially if hair is colored. Here are 4 simple tips to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

It's summer! You've just gone to salon to get a fresh summer look complete with a new style and amazing new color. But how can you make it last? Summer is the time to pay special attention to protecting your hair so we wanted to give you some tips and tricks to keep colored hair lasting longer and staying healthier. Kreashenz’s in-house color specialist, Noelle Snoots, suggests 4 easy steps to keeping colored hair as vibrant as the day you left the salon.

Tip 1:

Wet hair with bottled water before getting into the salty ocean or coming into contact with chlorine from a pool.

As many people know, chlorine dries out hair, leading to awful split-ends. It is also notorious for turning light-colored hair a greenish tint! Similarly, the high salt content of the ocean draws moisture out of the hair, leaving it brittle and cracked. By wetting your hair with purified water first, your hair is absorbing and holding in the clean water, reducing the amount of salt or chlorine your hair can soak up.

Tip 2:

Rinse hair immediately after swimming in chlorine or salt water and shampoo ASAP!

Get rid of the salt/chlorine as soon as you can! Taking the extra few minutes to wash the chemicals and salt out of your hair will help the color last much, much longer!

Tip 3:

Use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Sulfate is known to strip natural oils of the hair and to dry it out. The dye used in hair coloring causes the hair to become drier. With a sulfate-free shampoo, you are not stripping any more moisture from the hair. In addition, these sulfate-free shampoos are much gentler on hair and won’t wash out your color as easily as a shampoo with sulfate. Many of our clients have used L’Oreal’s sulfate-free shampoos, like Everpure Moisture Shampoo and Everstrong Thickening Shampoo (both just $6.72 at Wal Mart) https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=loreal%20shampoo&typeahead=loreal and love them!


Tip 4:

Wear a hat if you know you are going to be exposed to the sun for a significant amount of time.

It sounds so simple, yet many of us don’t do it. Wearing a hat while you’re sunbathing on the beach (with lots of sunscreen!) will not only help protect your face and scalp from over-exposure, but it will also help keep your hair color the way you want it! Sunlight naturally lightens the hair… while frying it. Protect your hair the simple way just by covering it up!


Kreashenz also recommends these products for summer hair protection!

  • Yarok Feed Your Ends Leave in Conditioner
  • Yarok Feed Your Sunshine Hair Serum
  • Yarok Feed Your Moisture Conditioning Mask
  • Lush Cosmetic’s Blousy Shampoo