What's one of the hottest new trends of 2017? Balayage!

What is Balayage and why am I reading about it in every magazine!?

As beauty gurus we are always looking out for the next big trend in beauty. When we heard about this new color technique we were intrigued!

Noelle Snoots, one of our in-house stylists, describes Balayage as a carefree look that doesn’t give the impression that you just came out of a salon. This easy, low-maintenance Bohemian style has been rapidly gaining popularity and is all about expressing a relaxed, “free bird” sort-of look. 


How is Balayage done?

Balayage is completed using the circumference of the head shape and an idea of how faint or bold a client wants it to look. It requires using a hand-painting technique to highlight the hair and give a glowing, natural-look.

Noelle says, “from a professional perspective, it’s humorous! Our whole training is focused on fixing the roots and keeping hair ‘fresh’.  With the Balayage technique, the old way of styling gets thrown out the door!”

Join one of the hottest new trends of 2017. Let your hair be free and Balayage with the best of us!

Balayage can be seen on some of the hottest celebrities and is a craze among YouTube stars like Guy Tang, Ashley Brooke, and Alexsis Mae. For more Balayage looks visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pg/Kreashenz-Salon-Spa-474698279292896/photos/?ref=page_internal 

and for more celebrity Balayage looks check out http://www.buro247.com.au/beauty/buro-loves/22-celebrities-with-the-best-balayage-we-ve-ever-s.html.

Hair by Noelle Snoots: Balayage

Kreashenz Salon and Spa wants to hear from YOU!

Kreashenz Salon and Spa wants to hear from YOU!

In addition to informing our readers about the latest trends in the beauty world and tips and tricks for hair and makeup, we also want to answer your beauty questions and hear about what you think!  Why is a charcoal facial so “in” right now? What are the benefits of a massage? Why do we use all organic products at Kreashenz Salon and Spa? Through our twice weekly blog posts we will answers all of these questions and more!

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We hope you enjoy.

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